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New products and new opportunities! Crownstar Ventures puts together crazy new business ideas with clever IT solutions to create solid new businesses.

If you have a great idea and need an IT strategy, contact to us today!


Defining a generation, online interaction is a significant part of peoples daily lives. New business opportunities have been created and continue to do so. Crownstar Ventures likes startups and USP products which can go places. Talk to us today!


Choose the right platform, frameworks and database design for your new project and don't risk getting bogged down by choosing the wrong technology. We've all been there. Take advice on preventing a revisit. Call us here.


Which way is right for your application? Cloud is straightforward and relatively low-cost - great to start projects, whereas bespoke data center installations give you complete control. We work with your values and deliver the best solution of your business.


Does your company have a cohesive technical sales strategy? Matching client requirements to your products and services is key to project success and to your profitability. We work with clients to find the best solution for their business.


Handling customer interaction efficiently is a key element of any B2C company. We provide tailor-made back office solutions which work the way you do. Let's talk about what your business needs.


Transaction costs, processing and network connectivity are all important elements of your payments strategy. Our network can provide solutions matched to your requirements.